What's the deal with the fish motif you may ask ?  Well, I've adopted it as the logo that will appear on my sculptures. Why a fish?  That was my nick-name at boarding school .

Welcome to my site.

I hope you enjoy it and my creations.  

Just as a bit of background, I'm a hydrogeologist by profession and an author by accident (that's another story - Google me if you're interested).

In addition to the above, I've had an enduring desire to create art all my life, having focussed on pencil drawings and dabbled in air-brushing.

 I find Sculpture  as the essence of re-creative art and I've been gradually drawn towards it as my preferred form of artistic expression. 

  I derive immense satisfaction from creating 3-dimensional objects in materials that should outlast my time on the planet.  I particularly enjoy the challenge of recreating detail and form.    

My aim is to improve skill with each new piece of sculpture - and continue to expand my portfolio of creations.  So drop in from time to time if you like my work and I hope there will be something of interest.

Feel free to drop me a line to say hello or ask a question.    

Damien Finlayson