Forever Young - that's her new title

Progress has been made on the latest work - bulked out the hair mass and refined parts of the body and musculature. More to be done to be sure...but progress is progress. I was struggling for a title as the form has improved. The pose is looking more and more carefree - but it struck me that once cast in bronze, the strength and beauty of the young woman will be locked in time - she'll be forever young, like the image in a photograph. Onwards and upwards.

New Sculpture - untitled

While working on "The Bather" I've been slightly distracted and started another figure (I like to have two going at once so if I hit a road-block on one I can switch to the other). This one is untitled at the moment - but I was interested in another one like "Kickin' Back" where I'm after a feeling of tension throughout the figure with sweeping lines and form. At about 50% done - it's got quite of bit of work to go but it's getting there and I'll be updating it's progress from time to time. I'm using Super Sculpey synthetic clay (medium & firm). In order to save expensive clay I'm using a fine wire mesh as the scaffold for the hair - so much of the body of the hair mass will be hollow in

The Bather - progress

Some more progress has been made on "The Bather" - she's about 90% done and once completed will go off to the foundry to be cast in bronze and will be available for purchase. The next phase is smoothing and adding the fine detail - I've also opened her eyes.

Ready for Viewing

Well my Kickin Back bronze was professionally photographed today so that I can publish it for general viewing. Its now in my gallery - hope you enjoy seeing it. It's a great start to a collection that I hope will grow rapidly. Dimensions - 35 cm (H), 10 cm (W, 14 cm (L). Weight - 5.5 kg.

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