Working on a New Scuplture

For the last two months I've worked on a figure that offered a new challenge - drapery (specifically the folds in clothing). I chose a kimono figure as the basis because of the many creases and folds necessary to achieve a convincing result. It's about 90% complete - just need to finished the hair then refine the hands and take a few rough edges off. Not sure what to do with it once it's finished or what to call it. It was just an exercise before I get back to complete my other unfinished figure (Forever Young).

Bronze Pour at the Foundry

I was lucky enough to be present for a pour of bronze into a series of molds at the Fundere Studios foundry in Sunshine (Melbourne) yesterday while I was there to collect my sculpture - The Bather. It was fascinating. The roar of the gas fired furnace drowed out all other noises in the casting area for the hour leading to the pour, while bronze ingots were melted in the holding crucible inside the furnace. The crucuble was hoist out by an over-head crane and lowered into a pouring frame. The frame and crucible were then hoist over to a gravel filled box within which were set a number of upturned molds ready to have the molten metal poured into their open bases. The quiet that replaced the

The Bather Has Been Bronzed

Yesterday I visited the foundry (Fundere Studios - Sunshine, Melbourne) to retreive the bronzed version of my figurine, The Bather. I'm pleased with the result and hopefully others will be happy to have this figure in homes or businesses. Weighs in at around 6 kg. Dimensions 22cm (H) x 14 cm (W) x 27 cm (L). Voila. The Bather (synthetic clay version - before the mold making process - and before the base was reshaped slightly). The Bather (bronze version)

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